The Land
Valsolda: Middle Ages and "The little world of the past"

In the heart of Valsolda

This touristic route, besides giving you the chance to enjoy the varied landscapes of the surrounding environment and nature, will lead you through history more than other routes. You will discover mysterious signs carved on the rocks, traces from the Middle Ages, the splendours of the Age of Baroque, as well as traces recalling the novel “The little world of the past”. Starting from San Mamete, by the sidelake of Lake Ceresio and following an old path leading uphill you will reach the splendid village called Castello, where to stop off for a visit to the town. You will then follow the path uphill along the “Valle del Soldo”, across woods of centuries-old broadleaved trees shading the cobblepaved path up to Pregè.
This enchanting village is made up of a bunch of chalets and a little church, the setting of a semicircular grassy plateau, rimmed by granite walls on which the “Teeth of the Old Woman” (I Denti della Vecchia) lean out indicating the border with Switzerland, which is close to them. At the edge of the plateau, along the path to Camporgna, you will notice the myterious “Masso Cuppelliforme”, one of the best-preserved rocks in the whole area around Como. After a short slope you will reach the Ponte di Bizzo, the bridge that crosses the waters of a stream called Bizzo with its marked span. The San Rocco church is worth stopping to meditate for a while before going on to Dasio. Reaching Puria only takes 15 minutes, all you have to do is follow the old pedestrian street. Beyond the stream called Soldo you will find Loggio, a pleasant town evocating a mediterranean atmosphere, with its ancient centre and newly-built mansions, contrasting with the fortress located right opposite, which has been serving as a watchtower on Lake Ceresio since centuries ago. Going on down the slope for 15 minutes, you will be back in S. Mamete, the town where this tour started.

San Mamete

San mamete

4 h

Vertical ascent
from 275 m at San Mamete to 655 m at Muzzaglio

Easy, for everyone, practicable during all seasons